Vattenmec POE Filter (CERASORB)


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What is POE?

Point-of-Entry Water Treatment (POE) is installed at the point where the supply enters the house and it is connected to the house water meter. This kind of water systems treats the water for your whole safe water usage.

The point-of-entry water treatment system is installed on your side of the meter with the purpose of treating all incoming water before it goes into the individual supply lines that feed your laundry, bathrooms, dedicated outside faucets and others as well as your kitchen. POE systems often include softeners, large bed carbon filters, and some systems which are specifically designed to remove sediment, tastes, and odors.


Fiber-reinforced Polymer Tank 0942

High-Quality Food Grade fiber-reinforced polymer ( 0942 )

  • This Type of steel can protect UltraViolet, Long Lasting, Most Robust, Well Design, Recyclable and also Environment Protection as well for good looking
  • To filter all incoming water before entering your premises
  • Without affecting incoming water pressure heat resistant
  • Reverse Back Wash System
  • Extend the Life Span
  • (Fibre-reinforced Polymer Body) ( Guarantee 5 yrs )
  • Services Life: 5 Years Maximum ( Sand filter )



  • Coconut Shell, Iodine Number (1050)
  • Reduce and Eliminate Chlorine, Odour
  • Reduce Organic Contaminants
  • Improve the Taste of Water
  • From the Stone Mountain
  • Safe Usage
  • Different Size
  • Remove Sediment, Dirt, Mud, and Rust




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