V-3200 Vattenmec Twist Nozzle


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Reliable tap connectors, hose connectors, and hoses are essential for an efficient watering system

The ergonomic handle allows convenient one-hand operation for effortless watering of all kinds of plants and for cleaning gardening tools and furniture. The spray nozzle offers other useful features, such as adjustable spray pattern from full jet to mist spray. 

The spray nozzle combines an attractive design with ease of use and a range of useful functions. In brief: the ideal solution for numerous uses in the garden. Note: Vattenmec spray nozzles are compatible with all available click systems.



  • For watering small to large areas and gardens
  • For watering large gardens
  • For watering food plants and plants and useful plants (small beds, individual and potted plants)
  • For watering ornamental plants (small beds, individual and potted plants)
  • For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture
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