V-9105 Vattenmec 7 Pasttern Trigger Nozzle + (W-3090)3/4″Tools Adaptor


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Reliable tap connectors, hose connectors, and hoses are essential for an efficient watering system

Premium multifunction spray gun with 7 spray patterns for watering small to medium-sized areas and gardens. The ergonomic handle allows convenient one-hand operation for effortless watering of all kinds of plants and for cleaning gardening tools and furniture.

This innovative spray gun also offers a host of other features such as infinite flow control as well as automatic locking and release. This gun combines an attractive design with ease of use and a range of useful functions. In brief: the ideal solution for numerous uses in the garden. Note: Vattenmec spray nozzles are compatible with all available click systems



  • For watering small to large areas and gardens
  • For watering large gardens
  • For watering food plants and plants and useful plants (small beds, individual and potted plants)
  • For watering ornamental plants (small beds, individual and potted plants)
  • For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture
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