VCMSP-037PC Vattenmec Self-priming Pump


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What is Self-priming Pump?

The self-priming centrifugal pump is designed to lift water from some level below the pump suction without having to fill the suction piping with liquid. It accomplishes this by creating a partial vacuum at the pump suction which removes the air from the suction line. The pump then releases the entrained air through its discharge while retaining the initial fill of water in the pump case. This air/water separation is what makes the self-primer different. Try this with a standard end suction centrifugal and all you will get is a slug of water.


VCMSP self-priming pump introduction and overview

VCMSP Pump Series is suitable for pumping clean water and chemically non-aggressive fluid. Extremely reliable, economical and simple to use, finding many uses in domestic applications and the automatic distribution of water from small and medium-size surge tanks, for watering gardens, irrigations, car wash etc. It is under low-noise and less-vibration and durability. It is built to be portable, affordable, long life, safe and reliable environment protection, and well received by the pump users.


How do I choose the proper pump?

Which suits best for my daily usage? Home? Hotel? Restaurant? Building? Cooperate use?

  • How much water flow will do i need – Duty Point?
  • How much pressure do i need – Duty Point?
  • Pump Type and construction eg: Cast iron or Stainless Steel?

Choosing the proper pump for any require consideration factor that best suits your need.

Example: How much water will the shower unit require (in Litre per minute). Obviously buying a pump that can’t deliver the necessary amount of water is a waste of money.

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