Why Choose Us (我们深信)

We can give and provide professional before sales service (Assess suitable for models)

我们能给予及提供专业售前服务 ( 适合应用型号 )


We can give and provide professional, safe and high quality installation services



We can give and all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee household goods sale ( Product Guarantee / Full Warranty* )



Please select your warranty registration type

We do not accept a return once the Goods  & Services been opened or used. However, you can exchange the product if the product is already damaged or do does not work. Before returning the product, please contact us at   to make sure your purchase is eligible for return.
Product return may due to any of the following reasons:
  1. Damage during delivery
  2. Manufacture defect
  3. Product not functioning as describe in the manufacturer user menu.
  4. Incorrect/wrong Item
  5. Not the product you ordered (e.g. wrong size or wrong color)
  6. Website error
  7. The product does not match with website specification, description, or image (this issue is attributable to a website error/misinformation)


You may request for the return of purchased any time within 7 days from the date of delivery(invoice). Once your request for return is confirmed our return process is as follow:
  1. We will rectify if your reason for return is valid;
  2. If the reason is valid, we will inform you to return the product to us by providing us the courier service tracking number;
  3. We will evaluate the product and reply to you the status of the product within a week.
  4. If your request for return is accepted, you will be informed by Vattenemc.


However, if your request for return is not appropriate, we will inform you and deliver back the Goods to you.
With the terms above:-
Please note that the return cost will be paid by you unless otherwise. Return cost shall be borne by the party attributable to the return request, such as:
  1. You, where the return is due to your change of mind or the damage is found caused by you; or
  2. We, where the return is due to the defect in the item, delivery of the wrong or different item.
We will refund to you if our officer has verified the cost shall be borne by us.