About Us

About Us


Starting small is the key to a big business and that is exactly how Vattenmec began to grow, and be recognized as the reputable distributor of pump technology and equipment. Providing excellent pump equipment and solutions are essential to us as it is to provide our customers with the appropriate solutions to each and every unique application. Mr. Lim Ang Shyong is the founder of this business and has been involved in this field since 1971. This business is based on the inherited Australian technology that strives to improve the quality of life for every individual. Our slogan brand, “Style Outside, Water Inside” represents the style to fulfill the needs of individual from all walks of life while the water represents our keen attention onto the new generation in terms of a balanced and improved health and wealth.

Management Team

In order to achieve high environment standards and fulfill our customers’ requirements, we always work closely as a dedicated and devoted team. Our team is led by the Managing Director, Mr. K W Lim, son of Mr. Lim Ang Shyong, Sales Director, Mr. Steven Chan, who is an expert in the technical and sales division and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jay Wong, who has 18 years of experience in company marketing strategy, operation and development.

Pump Technology Products

  1. Booster pumps, Water pumps and Water pressure system
    Our booster pumps are available in various sizes and suitable to boost water pressure from any ground surface. We also have various types of centrifugal water pumps that are suitable for residential and industrial usage. As for our water pressure system, the system has low maintenance high tensile strength and longer service life. We also offer a 2 year full warranty for these pumps and system.
  2. P.O.E filter, Water filter and household water purifier
    Our P.O.E filters have high capacity filtration and low maintenance is needed. The same applies to our water filters that filter all the unwanted particles and allows consumers to enjoy water straight from the water tap. For those who prefer more than single water filter unit, we also supply a whole household water purifier unit. The filters consist of various types of sand such as Zeolite, Cerasorb, Activated Carbon and Silica. For all our filters, a 5 year guarantee is provided upon purchase.
  3. Submersible pumps
    For the prevention of high elevation difference between the pump and fluid surface submersible pumps are attached to pumps. Due to the variation on fluid types, we supply single and multi-staged submersible pumps. All our submersible pumps come with a 1 year warranty.


Customer Service Team

In addition to our pump product technology we offer services for water system improvement, water pressure improvement, pump repairs and filtration system maintenance. We have an excellent 48-72 hours response time which includes trouble-shooting services if agreed by both parties. As for our pump repair service, we will provide standby pumps as temporary replacement for pump repairs services that are unsolved within 2 hours.

Vattenmec is indeed a reliable and quality assured pump solution service provider. Feel free to contact us for quotation or any further enquiries.